This summer, many theaters will be showcasing a live stream Jimmy Buffet concert, which in 2014 doesn’t seem to fit, but does the drive-in belong in the age of i Pads and 3-D printing? Because the drive-in’s quaint nature is no more than it advertises.

The biggest event to happen to the drive-in industry, switching to digital, is advertised on dated websites with glittery backdrops that remind you of an early America Online profile. In its simplicity, affordable tickets bring communities together on sticky summer nights and that’s a rarity today.

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An initial analysis of the electronics showed Mull accessed human trafficking and sex slaves websites, along with dating sites, Morganelli said.

Bethlehem police said they had one prior run-in with Mull before his arrest.

Already, Mull faces rape charges in two other jurisdictions.

Two weeks ago, Colonial Regional police accused Mull of forcing himself upon a 19-year-old woman at a Best Western in Hanover Township, Northampton County.

A spokesman for Philadelphia police declined to comment on the case, and it was unclear whether it involved the Marriott allegations.

Morganelli said that as part of Bethlehem’s investigation, detectives seized computers and cellphones from Mull’s Waldheim Road home, along with steroids, videos, photos and sexual paraphernalia.

A week earlier, officers responded to a hotel in the city after parents concerned about their daughter called 911, Detective Brian Quinn said.

But when police spoke to the daughter, she said she was all right — though she has since told investigators that she said that “because he was standing right there,” according to Quinn.

But once in their presence, Mull would become aggressive and violent, forcing them to consume narcotics and raping and choking them, Morganelli alleged.“He comes across as [a] very charming, very compassionate, nice guy,” Di Luzio said.

“And then once he gets them alone, he turns into the opposite.”To keep the women under his control, Mull allegedly would threaten to kill them and their family members, Morganelli said. Anthony Leardi said investigators believe Mull lived off some of the women, persuading them to support him financially by draining their bank accounts and providing him with food, money and lodging.“Mull forces women to be his sex slaves by presenting them with a sex slave contract,” Morganelli told reporters.

In the original Bethlehem case, police said officers found the woman at the hotel and she reported that she was being held against her will.