Both historically and currently, some of our most intimate moments have been made punishable by law. Outdated, unthinkable, erotophobic and downright ridiculous, we should thank our lucky stars that enforcing them is another matter. Sexual positions beyond missionary are illegal in Washington, D. As President Bush has said: "In our free society, people have the right to choose how they live their lives." The way I see it, what consenting adults do in their own bedrooms is their own business.

Sex toys are banned in some states, such as Alabama. But rather than go into a diatribe on the need for the government to stay out of our private sexual affairs, I think a good laugh is in order.

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When it comes to sexual expression, exploration and pleasure, you may be a criminal and not even know it. While countries around the world are all guilty of trying to control our sex lives, the U. has more laws regulating sexual behavior than all the European countries combined. Laws protecting minors aside, most people will agree that the government should not be telling you what to do in your bedroom.

One woman who lived on the block, who declined to give her full name, said another neighbor had peered into the car Sunday afternoon, saw the bodies inside, and called police.

Longtime residents, who gathered on the street corner as crime scene investigators prepared to tow the car to the morgue Sunday night, said the block was a quiet one.

— You can’t marry the same man three times in some Kentucky townships.

— It is illegal for men in Minnesota to have intimate sexual relationships with a live fish.

The neighbors on Sydney Street in East Mount Airy had wondered about the unfamiliar car with dark windows that sat on the block all weekend. Another said he had passed by and glimpsed two figures in the front seat.

On Sunday afternoon, someone called the police, who opened the car to a grisly scene: A man, 24, and a woman, 21, both shot once in the back of the head, likely by someone in the car with them, Homicide Capt. Clark said it appeared the victims knew their assailant.

) — Husbands in Willowdale, Ore., can be fined for talking dirty during intercourse, but their wives can say whatever they please.