What I’ve learned has made me as sorry as if I were covering a crisis in my own family—which, in a sense, I am. Paul’s and many of its students, alumni, and friends have insisted that what happened in this case was not representative of the broader culture of an institution that, since its founding, in 1856, has educated the cream of the American aristocracy.

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In the meantime, the victim’s family has said it may sue St. The school transformed the life of the small-town midwestern boy I was.

Paul’s in an effort to force changes in discipline and governance and ensure greater supervision of the 541 students who now have wide run of the bucolic 2,000-acre campus. At my graduation, I won the same prize that Labrie won at his—the Rector’s Award, given by the headmaster to one who has “enhanced our lives and improved the community.” Four years ago, when Labrie was a student, I was a visiting lecturer.

The school kept painting over it, only to have the list repeatedly reappear.

The rise of social media has exacerbated the situation and driven such behavior underground to adult-free cyberspace.

In the aftermath of their encounter, they exchanged tender e-mails referring to each other as angels—and anxious Facebook messages about her lost earring, and whether he’d used a condom.

When the girl’s older sister learned of the encounter, she smacked the boy in the face, giving him a shiner for his graduation that Sunday.

“Is secret scoring in dirty Schoolhouse closets the key to happiness? “Anyone who has a sweet relationship can tell you it is not.” In a speech to the student body last spring, Hirschfeld recalled having heard both male and female students use the words “slay” and “slayer” in references to sexual relationships.

“These words made me uncomfortable, as I suspect they did many other people,” the rector said.

All students and faculty are required to live “on grounds.” The master plan for its interlocking network of ponds, waterfalls, and pathways was laid out by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of New York’s Central Park.