Those false reports were followed by claims that Pitt is dating Kate Hudson.

And of course, there have been those persistent rumors that Pitt is texting with Jennifer Aniston. Maybe, but that won't stop the same outlets from reporting on new Brad relationships in consecutive weeks.

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Regarding Getty, she said, It was like, I well, I experienced the judgment of a lot of people and deservedly so.

But she did agree it would be different if she were a man. Sienna Miller admitted later, I think Id like to protect myself a little bit better because the repercussions are often quite upsetting the repercussions of my own mouth upon myself and I get bollockings.

However, multiple sources have told the "Sienna's finding it all very funny, with friends texting her about being dubbed Brienna.

She's happily with Bennett and has no idea where these rumours keep coming from," one said."They're just not true.

Other roles followed, including parts in Alfie, Layer Cake, Casanova, Stardust, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, The Edge of Love and G. Sienna Miller has been the Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps and an ambassador for the UK branch of the Starlight Childrens Foundation.

Aside from her acting career, Sienna Miller may be more known for her dating history and penchant for scandal, including dating a married Balthazar Getty.But Brad could have multiple sets of genitals and still not be able to hook up with all the models and actresses the tabloids have paired him off with.So far we've heard rumors about Brad and Marion Cotillard, with some going so far as to claim the actress' pursuit of Pitt contributed to the dissolution of his marriage.We will remain friends and committed parents to our children.” A source close to Diddy says “he’s really saddened by the loss. It’s like losing his best friend.” A rep for Diddy denied the ‘s report that the mogul’s relationship with actress Sienna Miller caused a rift with Porter.“There is literally nothing between them,” the rep told PEOPLE last week.The story goes that Sienna was almost born in a theater.