That’s the same kind of ridiculousness that lets losers get away with leaking photos of unconscious girls who are getting raped and other disgusting, demeaning things! All those so-called friends of yours who are blaming you for your nudes leaking need to be put on the back burner. But it can help curb the potential of more people seeing it, saving it and passing it on to others. Whether your photos were hacked or your photos ended up on a revenge porn site, make the police aware.

Despite all this discussion about whether you should take nude photos or not, there is very little talk of what one should do if their nude photos are leaked to the public. Don't let people like that and other haters make you feel even worse. Whether you've seen it lurking around on Twitter or some disgusting revenge porn site, it doesn't hurt to shoot the website owner an email telling them to remove your photo from the site. If you are underage, sites will absolutely feel inclined to remove your photo given the fact that they can be charged with spreading child pornography. Again, if you are underage then the distribution of your photos technically count as distribution of child pornography.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal detectives caught the disgraced A Current Affair journalist after stumbling upon his vile conversations with Mathew Paul Reale.

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But all the while he was keeping a secret stash of photos and videos of children 'engaging in sexual activity' - and sharing them with others.

The teacher, then 27, and the Nine Network personality, 43, met over Skype instant messenger on April 30, 2015, court documents for Mc Cormack revealed.

He only knew him professionally, as someone who was 'fascinated by the legal system'.

'Sam, I've been arrested,' Mr Macedone recalled Mc Cormack saying. I found it a bit confronting.'I said, hang on, I'll be there straight away.'Mr Macedone found Mc Cormack at Redfern police station.

Your name isn't Hermione Granger so you don't have a time turner that can undo the time you decided to send a boob pic to your boo.

You can't undo the fact that your photo will be on the internet from now until forever.Make sure everything is super password protected, too.Of course, hackers find their way into anything if they try hard enough, but these little steps can at least prevent a nude leak--accidental or intentional.He was admitted to hospital and at one point even checked every hour.He was filled with dread each time he turned up to court. His Skype chat buddy, Reale, has pleaded guilty to one count of producing child exploitation material, nine counts of distributing child exploitation, and one count of using electronic communication with intent to procure a person under the age of 16 years for sexual activity.'I'm 27, gay, single, love young bs (boys)', Reale said.