Ronin Warriors vs DBZ by Destonus Category: Dragon Ball Z, Ronin Warriors Genre : Adventure Language: English Status: Completed Published: 2000-06-01 Updated: 2000-06-01 Packaged: 2016-04-27 Rating: T Chapters: 22 Words : 88,061 Publisher: You can probably guess from the title what it's about, and yes, I know who has the clear advantage. Rowen walked over to the girl who was reading and introduced himself . Sage, thinking she might have similar interests, moved toward the girl who had succeeded in hiding her small crystal, and was moving toward him. " Apparently he was making a pass at her and she was doing the same.

I suppose you could read it for the cameos and the authordirected humor then. The First Part RWVSDBZ It has been a while since the Ronins, Warlords, and Forgotten Souls defeated the evil being that was Saban. She was dressed very similar to Ayame due to the fact she was dressed almost completely in shades of green. " The energy bolt screamed at Rowen, who was calculating angles, and was about to double check them, but Piccolo's attack was too close.

A gold light erupted from him and his hair turned gold to match it. "More than you know." Vegeta said as he manifested a big ass energy bolt and sent it screaming into the Ronins . Which angered Trunks even more and he went Super Saiyan as well.

A snake of water flew off into blackness, and points of energy appeared. " she shouted, sending energy bolts raining down on Trunks, nailing him. "No one crosses a Saiyan and lives to tell about it! Various Dragonball characters remarked that they had.

" The five attacks flew towards Trunks, who had a gleam in his eye.

The blast slammed into Trunks, rocking his world and causing him to power down.

" The attacks slammed into Vegeta, which only made him madder.

They went flying and the blast took out a few city blocks in the process. He sent a powerful energy bolt slamming into her, but Kayura changed into the Ancient and used the staff to send it back at him, knocking him for a loop. "Now it's my turn." Tien let an energy bolt loose at Dais, sending him flying. Decept " Chiaotzu blasted Dais, canceling out his attack. She swung her blades, which trailed bursts of water, which then formed a wall of water. A nanosecond before the attacks hit him he went SSJ3, and held up his forearm, breaking Anubis, Sekhmet 's, and Dais' weapons. "Let's get this over with." Goku said, cracking his knuckles.