The school play is coming up and Stewart encourages Ethan to join the crew, as he did back in school, but it appears that Ethan would rather follow in the footsteps of his Uncle Dean.When Ethan does not get the role despite Dean's coaching, Dean learns that the drama teacher is a former classmate who still holds a grudge.As seen in from the overhead shot of Newy York City during the opening scene, the cars on the highway are seen driving in the opposite direction that they should be for the lane that they are in. Tibbs's apartment, Kolchak reads a "scroll" and describes it as saying she was "some kind of a member of a society at the Max Match corporation...", as if this is completely new to him.

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Dean proposes a different storyline to Bemis, wherein Mitch starts a new life in Key West.

Stewart is more than happy to help Dean look for loopholes in his TV contract, seeing this as an opportunity to get his brother out of the house and out of the law firm.

When confidential information on a case that the firm is working on leaks, Dean believes that Claire, who is newly hired by Sanderson & Yao, is the mole.

Dean then learns that Todd (unintentionally) leaked the information, but he tries to hide it from Stewart because he doesn't want to admit he was wrong.

See more » ] Who do you think you're talking to, cabbie? weakest episode of this too-brief series is the one instance of a far-fetched premise(Greek gods) being just too ludicrous for even this series to handle.

Does feature a most amusing scene of Carl being interviewed about his private life in order to join the club!Dean becomes tired of getting special treatment because he is a celebrity, and wants to be treated like a regular person.His new way of life leads to him demanding that a cop give him a traffic ticket for running a stop sign, something he would have gotten away with in the past, only to learn that "normal people" often fight their traffic tickets in court.Stewart thinks that his snooty neighbors, the Gerharts, Lyle (Nat Faxon) and Vanessa (Alexie Gilmore), are only being friendly with him and Debbie because they are related to Dean.In an effort to perk up Dean's love life and get him to move out of their house, Stewart and Debbie set up Dean with Gail Budnick (Christina Applegate), an old high school girlfriend.Cliff Bemis shows up in town wanting Dean to reprise his role as Mitch Grinder in the spin-off series The Grinder: New Orleans, starring Timothy Olyphant as Mitch's brother Rake.