Some users are not interested in spending enough time to enter the correct information into a form, and in some cases, users might even intentionally enter false information to gain access or get past a certain step in your application's workflow process.

One of the first steps is to understand what validating data means.

From there, you can compare user input in different fields or against values that might be held in other repositories, such as a database.

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As you can see there are 5 checkboxes and the validation would be to select at least 3 technologies. To find out, how many checkboxes are checked, use length property to find out.

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Validating, in this case, does not mean that if John Doe types his name into the form field of a text box as Fred Doe the computer sends an alert to inform you that the data is untruthful.

No, we still do not have the capability to find out whether a statement is true.

NET Check Box List is group of checkboxes which is used to create a multi-selection check box group. So if you are using below version then you can either .live() or .bind() method.

Note: This code will work only with j Query 1.7 or higher version as I have used .on() method to bind the click event and was introduced in j Query 1.7.

server side validation in using both C# and VB language code.