If you have a decently functioning bullsh*t detector, all this as an intentional joke.

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In Argentina, I can’t even think of one person who I know has. ”) it was slightly disconcerting to learn my thumbs-up support of a dude’s pretty picture of the Buenos Aires skyline—a totally innocuous post—could unintentionally be sending signals of deeper desire.

But, “likes,” cerebral reward centers dinging—apparently it’s all connected.

posting overly mushy professions of eternal love on that same Facebook profile.

One cannot just assume that the person pursuing is necessarily unattached, and delaying or denying a Facebook connection is a red flag.

Shout-out to one of my dear : Hold off on judgment when it comes to life benchmarks, because here things are different.

It’s the norm for people in their mid-to-late 20s to be plugging away at their undergrad degrees and still live at home.

That “promised” invitation to take a River or Boca game? (Official, unsolicited, persistent offers I have received and agreed to: Five, from different individuals.

Matches I’ve been to: Zero.) He’s probably never even planning to make good on the invitation to a game of that league he plays in with his childhood friends.

It usually involves a slight exaggeration of the truth or some smattering of little white lies.

For example, that guy you just met at the bar might be the star of the football league he plays in with his best friends forever from the womb and takes so seriously, but he’s probably not actually a “professional” football player.

The piece is broken into three installments: The Hunt, The Relationship and The Breakup.