He played defence for the Baltimore Ravens (2002-2005), New York Giants (2006) and Houston Texans (2007-2008). He is the older brother of Marcus Demps of the Detroit Lions.

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From being the ultimate eye candy as Le Toya Luckett’s love interest in “Torn,” to making big moves as a former Baltimore Raven, New York Giant and Houston Texan.

But since 2009, Demps has been a free agent in the league.

I’m blessed not stressed.”Always an optimist, Will’s found a bright side to not being on the field.

“I’m no longer Will Demps Who Plays Football,” he says.

It was never who I was.”“I never saw myself as model,” says Will who began modeling while he was still in the NFL and has done an impressive share of cover and editorial work.

“People would always tell me I had a different look.I tried it and it worked out.”To keep his physique in top form, Will runs every morning and hits the gym for weight-training, yoga, or kickboxing 3 to 4 times a week. “I don’t want to have dirty fingers, long nails, or jacked up toes.You might also find him in the nail salon, getting his groom on. A groomed appearance goes a long way when you meet people.”Will describes himself as," a humble guy.When caught up with him, he’s just returned from a two and a half week stay in Korea where he visited his family on his mother’s side.“I love to travel,” says Demps.“I always want to see something new.”After an 8 year stint in the NFL, of course, Will misses the game.Likewise after San Diego he was later able to join the Ravens. They are hoping to have a baby by him so they can receive fat child support payments for years to come.