He took an instant liking to her, and was impressed by this.

who is rani mukherjee dating 2016-6

In fact, when Kajol was on of the show she said the question she would most like to ask Rani was “When are you going to get married?

” She was one of India’s most sexy actors and this was the question the entire country wanted to ask her.

As for Adi, he had expected her to come over and talk to him, as would be expected of any young starlet in the presence of a famous director.

But Rani surprised him by not doing this and vying for a role.

Adi had always felt that she was very different from all the other actresses he had met.

It was in this period, post Adi’s divorce that the two of them decided to start dating.It’s no wonder then, that the Aditya Chopra – Rani Mukerji marriage was -true to her form- both a hush-hush affair, and a topic of wide public interest!While most of her contemporaries like Kajol or even Madhuri Dixit tied the knot many years ago, Rani was one woman who was bold enough to stay single, well into her thirties.Reading what the media has been writing about them, one can totally understand why this has been so.When Rani was seen a couple of years ago at Aditya Chopra’s house, celebrating Diwali, the news spread like wild fire, fuelling a game of “will-they or wont-they” in the media.But through her sheer hard work and attention to detail, she has managed to make a lasting mark for herself in the Bollywood industry.