The tab is based upon the performance from the Flatt & Scruggs At Carnegie Hall album. This week we will continue working on both up the neck and back-up, using the classic Flatt & Scruggs bluegrass rendition of the old country ragtime song Salty Dog Blues. The backward roll is featured in the B part, the chorus, which modulates to the key of D.

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The revised TEF file also includes som new right hand rhythm patterns for use with the closed chord positions.

The PDF file provides fingering charts for the first five measures of the up the neck break.

The first is a 1944 film of Bob Wills, which now features his vocalist Tommy Duncan.

There were several memorable You Tube videos in the original western swing style.

My banjo wasn't 100% in tune, and there is a lot of background noise, but it still puts across the tune pretty well.

The second MP3 is a recording I made of an outdoor jam session I participated in at the Clifftop Appalachian Music Festival in July, 2008.

We are going to stay with Blue Ridge Cabin Home this week, incorporating a second up the neck break, using Scruggs type left hand fingering patterns, The up the neck break is at the end of the revised TEF file, with the pick up notes starting on measure 52.

Bob now plays with his banjo picking brother Dave, in a fine group they call Blackstone Valley Bluegrass.

The lead break it is based upon Earl Scruggs classic break on the early Flatt & Scruggs recordings made for Mercury Records in the early fifties, which many believe are the finest bluegrass recordings ever made.