With each inhalation, imagine or visualize the pelvic floor muscles expanding in all directions, front, back , left , right. “Good posture” is when a neutral spine in maintained.

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” Think about the area softening, melting, widening.

Use any visualization that is calming to you, send a healing color to your pelvis to bring awareness and “let go”.

The lumbar cushion gently pushes your lower back forward to maintain it’s natural curve.

You should not slump back to sit on your coccyx bone, nor too far forward on your pubic bone and no sitting on one side/hip for hours at a time.

Physical therapists have helped women in menopause return to painfree, satisfying sexual intercourse.

These women could experience pain with intercourse, even after rehydrating their vaginal tissues under the guidance of their GYN, due to pelvic floor muscle tension.So with a tight pelvic floor, the penis cannot enter and women can experience pain. Treatment by a physical therapist trained in pelvic floor dysfunctions is optimum as we provide you with tailored manual expertise and guidance to heal.Here are some helpful tips: 1) STRETCH HIP/GLUTEAL MUSCLES Stretch the large muscles of your hip, and buttock region as they can actively refer pain into the pelvis and cause the pelvic floor muscles to overwork or be strained.3) BREATHE Diaphagramatic breathing helps to relax the abdominal and pelvic regions. Place your hands on your stomach, bent elbows resting by your sides.Inhale slowly through your nose for a count of 5 seconds.2) VISUALIZE A RELAXED PELVIC FLOOR Chronically tight pelvic floor muscles need many reminders to relax throughout the day.