Also, note that each new Fall semester is represented with the next year's date and a number representing the Fall semester.

For example, if you have a Fall course, you may notice that all the fall course titles will end for example, FA12 but are listed under the heading, 201310.

Some special running courses will end in 5: Fall = 15, Spring = 35 and Summer = 45.

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Once your department has input the course information into banner with you as the instructor of record for the course, that course should appear in your Laulima account.

You can log into your Laulima account and access your courses by going to form.

Some browser's built-in spell check system is incompatable with the rich text editor (FCKeditor) in Laulima, like Firefox.

So, if you need spell checking while using the rich text editor, your only option at this point is to use Internet Explorer and install the free ie Spell tool.

Please include a short title (~15 characters including spaces) and a brief explanation of its purpose in the top field of the form.

Why doesn't the spell checker work with some browsers like Firefox?

A link to this form can also be found near the bottom of any page in Laulima.

In the form click the pull down menu next to "I am requesting a" and select "Grouping (cross listing) of laulima courses".

Identify potential data-sharing partners; develop both organizational and personal relationships to assist in formalizing data-sharing agreements between USAARL and other operational data resources to improve the robustness and accuracy of provided analyses.

Establish in-house collaboration with members of other divisions within USAARL, in order to develop and maintain connectivity between other lab divisions/branches, remote resources, and MRMC resources.

Spring semester courses are unpublished one week before the Fall semester starts, while Summer courses are unpublished near the start ofthe Fall semester starts.